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    For a school project we have to use a GLD-80 as our main mixing table during a show, and QU-16 for monitor mixing.
    Now our teacher who was suppossed to tell us how to do that has become burnt out and won’t comeback until next year, leaving us clueless on how to do this. I was hoping someone here could help us out.
    We connected the AR2412 via dSnake to our GLD-80, now we have to make a connection between the GLD-80 and the QU-16 so that we can mix the artists monitors on the QU, so far we have had no luck, and have spent all day searching to find a solution without result.

    Hope someone here can help us out with our project.


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    First, let me say I am impressed by your determination. Not giving up is an important part of success. Second, I will qualify my comments by saying I have never had a separate monitor board. In the “old days” of analog the task you are trying to accomplished used a special snake that basically functioned as a splitter. allowing you to plug a mic into it to go to the main board and there was also another socket that feed the monitor board.

    in the digital world Allen & Heath uses what is called a Dante card (extra add on at $1500 each) in each device. It does not appear that the QU-16 will accept a Dante card (someone correct me if I am wrong) ….

    The other option is make your life much more simple and just send monitor mix outputs from the GLD-80. you can run 12 outputs from the AR-24 (may need some for mains and subs) but you could easily go 8 or 10 outputs. That would be my recommendation.

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    You cannot connect a QU-16 and a GLD-80 to each other. The only way that you could run both board (one as FOH and the other as monitor) is by using a splitter snake.

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    Thanks for the replies, I will have a discussion with the teachers at school about the posibilities of getting such snakes.

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    Rent a splitter for the show.


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    I know this is a little late but, I have a few (6 I think) 4 channel mic splitters for sale. 😉
    Also you could mix the monitors from an iPad.

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