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    Hey all, Ive seen a video on how to control the outputs from a QU-24 to a SQ-5 but I haven’t seen how one reverses that and I’m having issues figuring it out.

    Here is my set up

    Our main board is a SQ-5. Every now and then I would like to hook up a QU-24 in another room and have use of the mics plugged into the SQ. I also got a SQ Link for SQ so we can also plug connect both the SQ and our snake to the QU.

    What are the steps to make this happen? I am stumped.


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Christian,

    We have a knowledgebase article which has some more information on the patching here:

    Routing outputs from SQ to Qu is very straight forward as the patching can be 1 to 1, whereas the Qu outputs use the 20 dSnake outputs, followed by the 40 ME (Monitor) outputs.



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    I must need more coffee because I still can’t figure it out.

    I think I might need to be walked through this.

    On the back of the SQ there is the SLink and I also bought the optional SLink IO Port. The way I understand it is the Slink that comes standard with the board goes to the QU and the Slink IO Port goes to the d snake.

    Now do I follow the instructions on that video you shared exactly? I would assume it to be a different process since the video is showing QU to SQ and not SQ to QU.

    Im going to keep trying though!

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    So I finally got the inputs to go from the SQ to the QU! YES!! But now I’m having a hard time tuning into how to get the mics plugged into the Digital snake to go to the SQ, then to the QU. How does that routing go?

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Christian,

    Here’s a copy of the info I sent through to you in the support system the other day:

    With your SLink card, you can also make use of Tie Lines to connect an input socket (say from the digital snake connection to the SQ) to an output socket (in this case, the other SLink connection to the Qu).

    A Tie Line connection has no processing and is simply to route any input source to any output source, if you go to the IO screen on the SQ, then ‘Tie Lines’ you can patch any input source on the left to any output source at the top.

    Say you had an AR2412 connected to the built-in SLink port, and the Qu to the SLink card, you could patch from ‘SLink’ on the left to ‘I/O Port’ at the top.

    It doesn’t really matter which SLink port you connect the AR2412 or Qu to, as the built-in port works in the same way as the one on the option card (but has independent sample rate conversion).
    Just take your time with the routing and trace each signal, it’s sometimes helpful to draw it out on paper too.

    Another thing to remember is that you can route input sockets to multiple input channels or tie line outputs with the SQ, but the preamp is at the socket end, so any preamp changes will be seen on all channels and affect the signal that’s routed through ties lines.


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