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    Hope someone can help me with an answer.
    We have a church setup. Using a Qu24 for main foh mix. Got a stage box on stage where all channels are going in. Looking for another desk to mix Livestream. Maybe a Qu16. Thinking of using an analog splitter before the stagebox to split channels to both desks.
    What would happen if by mistake I switch 48v on Qu24 and on Qu16 at the same time?

    You’ll be good nothing bad will happen.
    The voltage will still be 48 volts since the connection between the mixers is in parallel, you will get a little bit more current capacity if you have any power hungry
    phantom powered mics.

    If your going to use a transformer isolated split then the two mixers will not see each
    other so to speak.

    Using a hardwired Y type of split you could get ground loop noise between the two systems depending on where they are powered from.

    For what it’s worth my 28 channel hardwired Y splitter does have pin 1 ground lift switches on each channel going to one side of the split and I can only think of a couple times I need to lift any of the grounds for noise issues on a channel or channels.
    However the power is always fed from one common power distro.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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