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    I’m looking for some recommendations of POE switches that will work for this setup

    Avantis – GX 4816 – ME-1 x 30

    Will apriciate your input.

    Eli Lishinsky

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    After 5 minutes of googling, I’m not sure 30-port POE switches exist. They seem to top out around 24 ports (or at least 24 RJ45 ports). Regardless, you’ve gotta consider the total power draw. The ME-1s draw about 13W each (plus whatever margins you want for cabling loses). But even assuming 13W each, for 30 of them you’d need 390W which isn’t something I’d just assume that a switch with that many ports could put out. I’m not saying you won’t be able to find one that works, just that it can be relatively easy to be bitten by that particular gotcha.

    If you find a switch that has 31+ RJ45 ports (remember, you’ll need a port to get the signal in), but not enough of the ports have POE (or if the total power draw is too much for it) there is such a thing as a “POE injector”, which adds POE to a port that wouldn’t otherwise have it. I haven’t used any but it might be worth checking out:

    Also, it might be cheaper to use multiple smaller switches. Like plug one (probably non-POE, but it doesn’t really matter) 5-port switch into your ME port, then plug 2 16-port POE switches (or 4 8-port switches) into that first switch.

    Oh, one last thing. Apparently if whatever you plug into an SLink port is capable of gigabit connections, that port can’t be used for the ME protocol. Now, the “ME compatible” port on GX4816 isn’t labeled as “SLink”, but it isn’t a standard ME port either and I don’t know what triggers that limitation. Just maybe budget some time to figure out a workaround if whatever you end up getting has a gigabit uplink and doesn’t work because of it (I’d imagine just putting a cheap 10/100 switch in-between the GX4816 and the main switch would do it, but I don’t know).

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    I doubt you will find a 30 port POE switch, but there are plenty of 48 port options.

    I have no idea if these switches will work with A&H, but you can pick up used Brocade switches on EBay for pretty cheap. Their ICX6450 48 port POE switch has a 790w power supply and their ICX 6430 48 port POE switch has a 390w power supply.

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    Now, the “ME compatible” port on GX4816 isn’t labeled as “SLink”, but it isn’t a standard ME port either and I don’t know what triggers that limitation.

    100MBit Ethernet connection is required

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    I’m currently using an ilive t112 and idr48.

    And a QU-16. We are looking into the me1 system is it possible to use a standard Cisco Poe switch 300 series instead of the mu-1.

    We currently tour with an 18 piece band and are using a mymix system, but it will not work with the QU-16.

    I was thinking of keeping the current POE switch.

    Or, can I use one mu1 and my current switch to power the 18 me-1?

    Any help appreciated

    Bugarsky & Navarro, LLC

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    In reading the other threads on this forum I understand that to connect to ME-1’s the 1st device that is connected to the dSnake on the QU-16 should be 10/100 capable only, do NOT use any switch/device that is 10/100/1000 capable. Most Switches come as 5, or some multiple of 8 (8, 16, 24) So the either find a small simple 5 port 10/100 switch (POE or not) (remember one port is taken up by the input from the QU16 3 8 port POE switches since each 8 port switch needs an input from the 5 port switch gives the ability to (3 x 7 =) 21 ME-1s.
    Hope this helps.
    I do not know about the cisco poe series 300 switches, but if the cicso is 10/100/1000 it will NOT work.
    I am currently setting up a Avantix / GX 4816 with ME-1s and POE Injectors work just fine after a non-poe 10/100 switch (I am not where I can give you the brands of equipment I have tested) POE injector / 5 port non-poe 10/100 switch / 8 port poe 10/100 switch
    Sine the ME-1s come with an external power supply I suspect that a ME-1 could be used as the 1st device from the dSnake and use the link out to feed any other switch (maybe even a 10/100/1000) I have NOT tested it yet, but I may.

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