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    Our church just moved to a new location, and now we have Allen&Heath GL2400. We want to connect Avoim A-16 ii.
    I am new to this monitor system, but understand that it can be run from the board on a stage to each personal mixers via CAT5 cables.
    However, GL2400 dont have CAT5 out.
    Are we out of luck about using Aviom system, or is there some kind of an adapter with which we can still be able to control individual mixes on stage?

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    I applaud you for going in-ear.

    Sorry but there is no way to directly connect the analog GL2400 to the digital Avioms. Aviom sells an analog to digital converter for that purpose. I do not feel it will be worth it to purchase a converter unless you get a smoking deal on one, like $50 to $80. It will most likely eat up all your GL2400 aux outs. The GL probably does not have 16 aux outputs. I know the GLD series talks directly to the Avioms. Some other mixers in A&H digital line may speak Aviom too, I just don’t know.

    Good luck. John

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    How about this:
    GL2400 has a direct out for each channel
    If we take 1/4 and plug into Aviom AN-16/i (IN) and then
    Run cat5e (out) to a-16ii on stage.
    Will this work?

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    Yes that will work fine. We did that with our gl2400 before we replaced it with a GLD.

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    That is the way the system was originally designed to work.
    If you can’t get everything you want in the Aviom’s then group a few things on an Aux or group and feed that to one of the Aviom channels.

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