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    I have a QU16 and I have several scenes saved but when I turn on the mixer, the first listed scene is always highlighted even though I powered down from a different one.
    I take it that ‘Current’ displays the highlighted scene although not sure why the this is needed as the scene is already highlighted.
    Also not sure what ‘Next’ is referring to.
    The ‘Scene list’ paragraph on p39 of the manual doesn’t really explain it.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Although the highlighted scene on power-up is “Scene 1”, the mixer itself is configured to whatever you left it as when you powered down.
    It’s a quirk that can be a little irritating but as long as you realise what’s going on, you can live with it.
    I’m guessing that A&H figured that the heaviest use of Scenes would be theatre and House-of-Worship venues, where there’s a predictable work-flow through different saved configurations on a daily/weekly basis.

    Let’s say you’re doing a three week run of a pantomime.
    Every segment of the show, from the overture to the finale, has its own configured Scene on the mixer.
    As the show progresses, the operator just hits “Next” (this can be a Soft-Key function) at the appropriate moment and the desk smoothly re-configures.
    It’s easy to imagine a transition from a solo FOH scene (maybe the Dame chatting to the audience) to a full-on company number with the pit orchestra.

    With every Scene having been fine-tuned and stored during Tech Runs and Dress Rehearsals, preferably with a sensible naming structure, it makes for a very stress-free time at the FOH Audio position and an ability to create a really professional show.
    This is also where the “Scene 1” highlight comes in to its own – having walked away the night before, when the operator boots up the desk, all he/she has to do is hit “Load” or the designated Soft-Key, and everything is ready for curtain-up.

    You can use the same philosophy for live music too, either allocating each Scene to your band’s play-list in your preferred performance order, or if you’re a venue operator, putting the Scenes into blocks for each band during the sound-checks.

    Perversely, my QU-Mixers go out on everything from corporate presentations to live broadcast, pub quiz nights to music festivals.
    Over time I’ve built up a library of template settings for each genre, which I load in via the QU-Drive port as a base to work from.
    I keep these in Scenes 80 and upwards, then if I need, say, the corporate template for 3 x suits, 1 x host and Q&A, I copy it in to Scene 1 and go from there.
    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the reply. Really helpful.
    I use the QU16 for my 2-3 bands (I play keys and do sound) and I save scenes for the different line ups and venues.
    I assumed the current scene is highlighted at all times then you scroll through and select another, simple as that.
    So would I be right in saying that the mixer doesn’t show you in the scene list what scene you’re currently using when you power up but all the settings remain from the power down scene.

    I think I get it now. I don’t switch scenes during the gig.
    It makes more sense if you use numerous scenes during a musical,panto or similar show.
    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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