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    Can someone help me. Ive been advised to buy a Mac apple computer to work with my QU32 sound desk. I know Macs are very expensive. Which one will work well with this desk but not having to over buy?

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    First determine what software you need to run and what you need to do with the PC.

    Then you can figure out which device runs that software best for you while being most affordable.

    Macs are expensive. Win10 is too iffy. What do you need to do and what software does it?
    If your software runs on Linux then get a windoze pc and run it dual boot or convert completely to linux.

    If your software is mac only then ask them what mac is best to get. But the software is the key item to pin down first.

    At an early computer club it was common for folks to say I got a PC or I got a mac and want to run program x but it does not run on what I bought.

    A lot of software will run on all 3 pc/mac/linux but some is mac/pc only some is pc only.

    PCs have more software than mac in general and the software costs less too not just the hardware.

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    If you are looking for a laptop to use with your Qu console via the USB B port connection then I recommend looking into a Windows laptop that has an AMD processor. Computers with Intel processors are known to have audio stream stability issues when hooked up to the USB B ports of the Qu series of consoles.
    I believe all Apple laptops have Intel chipsets in them now (if I’m wrong I’m hoping someone will correct me).
    I’ve first hand experience with this issue. Streaming audio from an Intel-based laptop was unreliable and unpredictable on both playback and recording. I finally switched over to a laptop with an AMD processor and have not experienced the same issue.
    For more information on the issue you should take a look at the thread in this forum titled Digital noise when streaming audio via USB-B.

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    @Susan… it all depends on whether you want mobility or are going to use the computer in a stationary place.
    And then it also depends if you are going to want to do use this in a studio scenario.
    If you want absolutely reliability, I would suggest buying Apple.
    Mac runs on Core audio.
    I’ve had Imac’s and MacbookPros and PCs [microsoft] running for years now with Soundforge, Reaper, Izotope, Ik multimedia and more!
    The bottom line is you get what you pay for.
    Regarding the USB scenario if you read Shane’s comment about using USB C:

    From Shane:
    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to USB streaming but a week or two ago I started playing around with our Qu-32 and Ableton Live and found the same issue you are all describing. After reading through the posts I took all the actions A&E recommended but still had the issue. I then purchased a USB-B to USB-C cable and I haven’t had any issues since. Not sure if that helps anyone, if you don’t have a USB-C port then it wouldn’t but here’s the cable I used:

    To use a MAC with the QU there is not a lot to set up.
    To use Mac as an audio computer there is Not a lot you have to do.

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    You can get a used 2010 and forward Mac Desktop. I use my Qu32 in the studio with Logic Pro X and everything is smooth running.


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