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    Is there a writeup describing the Opto compressor? I pretty much understand and have used the manual types. I found a link from a previous post about the A&H person describing these but the link does not work.


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    Try this for starters:

    Was commonly used on masters, vocal subgroups and individual vocals too. Sorry I don’t have a link to an A&H description.

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    The links are interesting and I have read up on the Opto compressors. Steffen, the effects link is great – doesn’t cover the Opto setting, but a link I didn’t have stored away yet.

    Anyways, I will do some testing soon. I am installing the GLD at a church with limited audio expertise. We use the manual compressors and adjusted as needed. I am worried that they may have difficulty once I leave so I will test the Opto setting and if it sounds acceptable, I will se that and minimize settings for them to worry about. Also I will use the security settings to limit access too…

    Thanks again for the help.


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    It’s a good “set and forget” compressor for vocal soloists and stuff like that. Transparent volume levelling compression, the only issue with it is that if something loud sends it into a lot of gain reduction (maybe a plosive from the singer) it can take a bit too long to release, you can use the sidechain filter to avoid that though.

    I’d quite like to see the “16T” setting the iLive has.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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