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    Is it possible to combine 2 Qu 32’s and have them act as one unit?

    If so can you guide me to where I can see how to do this?


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    Nope. No two QU machines can be directly linked to each other. You will need analogue splitters if you wanted, for example, to run one desk as FoH and one for monitors/in-ears. I believe the SQ can however connect to a QU.

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    Why you need to do this?

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    If you’re after a larger channel count, with a sub mixer & a master one, then you’ll need to take (van an analogue cable) each bus that you need, from the sub desk to an input on the main one. Not too bad if you don’t want a lot of groups or mix outputs shared, but if you do, it’ll quickly eat up the “extra” channels you gain.

    Also, I can’t think of a way of getting an effects bus from one desk to another.

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    Mark, Steffen & Roy are all corect.
    Ive been running multiple QUs for years.
    Tried joining all mix outputs with summing resistors… To get extra input count.
    I have racks of microphone transformer splitters… To split for seperate monitor mix
    There are whole forums of discussions on this.
    You can run multiple QUs simultaneously into MAC into a DAW.
    BUT there a raft of issues somewhere…
    Please give up thinking about this. Didigally they not clocked together.
    However the question is as Steffen asked … why?
    Tell us Tell please.
    We may have another solution.

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    I don’t need to do this I was just curious. I was thinking how large desks look and wondered if tis was something that could be done.

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