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    +1 for more colours. Right now there are not enough to visualise all different types of channels (different colours for ach kind of input signal such as drums/perc, vocals, guitars, bass and so on plus the other channels like fx send, return, aux, group, matrix, midi and so on)

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    More colors and inversion please!

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    +1 more color options

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    +1 on even a limited color picker, but if not a color picker, all primary/complementary colors would be amazing!

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    +1 for more colors.

    I also can’t use the dark blue and red because there’s not enough contrast on the title strips

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    Hmm, A&H opened that again by presenting the listen signal on the soft rotaries in a bright orange color;-) To they can’t argument that only basic colors are possible for that displays.
    But even if I also think that dark blue and red is not well readable (I personally use them only for the male or female main vocal) I do not want to have the whole range of possible colors via a color picker. maybe 12-16 colors would be nice, but not more because they would not be really helpful imho.

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    +1 for more colors. I had the idea that on the color picker screen, we could press and hold a color and it would bring up a color spectrum bar, or a Hue and Saturation control. Make a color and save it into the block we chose. We can then keep that there and recall it in the future.

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    again and again this will not happen since the hardware is limited in the control possibilities of the strip lights
    as @mfk0815 said 12 to 16 colors would be enough

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    +1 for some additional color options.

    I have a small show w/ 20 inputs but 11 outputs: 3 wedges, 3 IEMs, 18 input channels 2 utility / speciality channels, LR / Sub, Broadcast. I would really love to have some additional colors and just a little smarter text / UI display. EX: If you know black text on a dark blue background won’t work. Don’t make that an option. Putting white text on those dark backgrounds would be a huge win.

    Not all of us have 20-20 eyesight anymore and some of us keep misplacing our glasses on the line arrays or the drum riser XD

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    @ianbuss I definitely want more colors, but the color of the text cannot be changed due to the design of the SQ.

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