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    It’s really very easy to press the wrong button since they are so close to each other. Please make this screen more user secure.

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    YES – different colour confirmation dialogues

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    and buttons further apart, with the conf dialogue box elsewhere.

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    I would also like the ability to write protect scenes so that once set up, you (or someone else who doesn’t know what their doing) can’t accidentally change it.

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    I agree on this one. Was trying to store a scene in middle of a program as pastor was speaking. Accidentally bumped recall and YES not thinking I had hit recall. Boom. Everything went to stored positions. Pastors mic muted. I got it back on quickly. I know I should have been more alert to what I had hit. I also like the GLD better with overwrite and not store. Store reserved for a new scene. Also the highlighting on the QU is confusing. There are 2 levels of highlight on the scenes. To me that is confusing when storing.

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    The whole scene screen process needs a re-think, apart from the above. Reverting to the last scene you were in before power off should be automatic at power up, after all, thats where the settings are at. And please make the current / next bar make sense!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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