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    I’m a new proud user of a Sq5 and i love it.
    What looks a little bit strange to me, is that when I push the ChToAllMix button all the group faders (in my case Grp1-4) go to 0dB.
    If the channel is connected to a group or not it makes no difference.
    What is the purpose of this.
    For me it would be more logical that when a channel is routed to a group the fader goes to 0dB.
    Maybe I’m wrong with this so please comment.

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    groups are routed or not routed… there is no dedicated level control (if so it is an aux mix)

    I think to reflect the intended workflow it is ok like it is…
    you can still use the Assign button to toggle on or off the routing if the mix (group) button is selected

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    Søren Steinmetz

    I suspect the reason the faders jump to 0dB when setup as groups instead of AUX,
    was simply easier to do in the sourcecode, and thus less risk of intruducing a bug somewhere in the system at other configs.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey Casey,

    Good question! It was discussed quite a bit during development as we’d never had a ‘CH to All Mix’ key before!
    We felt that, because a channel assigned to a group kind of sends its signal at 0dB (post fade), that this would be the most appropriate position for the faders.
    When quickly viewing the sends for a channel with CH to All Mix, we also hoped it would remind you that you might be sending to a group – rather than the other options of having the faders at -inf, which felt like nothing was being sent (even if assigned), or your suggestion here of having them move to 0dB when assigned.
    The reason we didn’t go for the latter is only because we felt it could actually be more confusing and might suggest send level changes were possible.
    It will be good to see if lots of people disagree with that decision here!


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    I think I agree that it’s the way to show this.

    OK – So as I’ve never tried this, or at least not deliberately, and my SQ is not easy to get to at the moment. What, if anything, happens if I turn a group fader down while in this mode?

    Is it the same as turning the channel’s main LR fader down, or does nothing happen? Or something else?

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    KeithJ A&H

    @markpaman – We can’t stop the fader being moved (well, not in any way that would avoid damage!), but this has no effect on anything and the fader will jump back to 0dB when exiting and re-entering the ‘CH to All Mix’ view.

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    For me the position at 0 dB is quite fine since it shows what will be done with the signal. Just another information might be helpful. When you press the assign button while you press the Ch to all mix button too you can see and change the assignment. I have to confess that I overreaded that in the manual.

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    maybe it could be a possible behavior to change the state to OFF
    with moving the fader all the way down and to on with moving the fader up

    if it’s not to confusing to the user

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