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    Just starting to play with QU PAC. I have signal to CH1 and I have LR selected as the Mix, but I’m getting no signal to LR. What step have I missed?

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    David Haughton

    Hi Dan, welcome to the community 🙂

    Have you touched the CH1 fader select on screen and turned up the fader using the rotary control so it sends the signal to the LR?

    Have you checked out the Qu-Pac Channel Screen & Qu-Control tutorial video on our YouTube Channel?

    You can find it here:

    In answer to your phantom power question in the other thread:

    Phantom power is always off for a channel by default. This is to prevent hot-plugging mics while +48v is active.

    To switch +48v on, connect a condenser mic or DI for example to the mic pre, then press and hold the on screen switch for approximately 2 seconds to activate. You’ll see the indicator next to the on screen switch turn red when it’s on.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need more info.

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    Thanks for response. I watched the video before I inquired. I have signal on CH1 input. I have LR as Mix Select. When I turn up level on CH1 and then turn up LR/main fader, I do not see any signal going out (nothing on LR meters).

    Also, I’m getting signal to monitor mixes from CH, but not to FX sends…

    Sorry about the phantom power question. I missed that in the tutorial…

    Dan Wilcox

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    Hey Harry. I found the problem. When we first turned the unit on and we’re playing around, one of us must have hit Button to activate? Turned it off and I’m getting LR and FX signal. Now.


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