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    I don’t have a lot of experience on many digital boards but I have an O1V96 that I selected for it to automatically select any channel that you put your finger on. That way when you adjust the volume of a channel and want to edit the eq, it is already selected. I don’t know how many times I’ve rode the volume control while adjusting the wrong channel’s eq and look down and see that my channel wasn’t selected.

    I do like the PFL following the selected channels.

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    You know Ron, I was just thinking the same thing. This would help massively with the volunteers at my church who have only just got used to the idea of mute buttons…

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    First day with my Qu-24 today and… I’m BEGGING for this option! 🙂

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    That feature is a double edged sword. Had that on the first dig console I installed. A V mixer. Everyone thought they would like it but when Eq screen started jumping around they decided they did not like it. Ok if you just touch one fader but if you are adjusting several it gets ugly.

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    I would dig a feature similar to that…on my 01V and 02r consoles, tweaking EQ or dynamics settings will make the selected channel’s parameters pop up on screen.

    For a board that uses freely spinning rotary encoders AND doesnt have LCD strips for channel parameters (01v, Qu, LS9) the contextual screen helps keep a handle on things. I really wish that on my Qu24, the channel processing parameter I was tweaking with hardware controls in the selected channel section would pop up on screen. Maybe I’m missing a setting on the Qu.

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    I had it on an 01V96 in the studio and got used to it.

    I see potential problems adjusting eq on a guitar or drum while riding the lead vocal fader.

    The more I use the QU the less I want this option. LOL!


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    Really would need to be switchable (maybe available on a softkey) to be useful.

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    yes switchable option would be great

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