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    Hey, trying to get my wings system off the ground.

    Can someone please advise if it is possible to set one of the buttons above the faders on the IP8 to be channel select? I have managed to make them Mute and pafl but I think Mute and channel Select would be more useful for my set up.

    There is a setting Sel Follows PAFL, but this is in the Surface area and so works on my Dieector touch screen but not seem to translate to the IP8s.

    Also is it possible to rearrange windows in Diectors Main window? In my test set up I have resorted to using a S5000 surface in Director as at least it gives me 2 x banks of 8 faders which I can mirror on my 2 x IP8s. But it would be much better to be able to customise the layout.

    Finally does anyone know if there is a guide somewhere which has a brief explanation of the menu options for the ip8 buttons in director when using Director with a dlive?

    Thanks Robin.

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    To have sel, mute and pfl for my IP8 director setup, I am using two scenes filtering out everything but IP8 settings, to switch between the layouts.

    I use this method to switch between even more layouts. Like soundcheck and show…

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    Thanks for the reply, nice work.

    Can you please tell me which of the menu options for ip8 buttons to choose in order to make the button channel select?

    Thanks CrispiE

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    Maybe you know this, but the IP controllers can connect either to the Mix Rack (Mix Rack -> Controllers), or to a Surface (Surface -> Controllers).

    If an IP controller connects to a Mix Rack, it acts like a mini-Surface with a limited feature set. Each control maps directly to a Mix Rack parameter like fader level for a particular channel. In this case, The Select function is not available, because by themselves the IP controllers do not have the concept of a selected channel (they do not have an EQ control section, etc.).

    If an IP controller is connected to a surface, it acts like an extension of the surface. Since the Surface _does_ have a concept of a selected channel, buttons on the IP controller can be programmed as “Sel” and will be linked to the Surfaces selected channel parameter.

    It sounds to me like you may be using an IP8 and Director without a physical surface. In this case, Director connects to the Mix Rack and acts like a Surface. If you then configure the IP8 in the Surface -> Controllers section, it will act as an extension of Director, and you should be able to set up “Sel” buttons that will control Director’s selected channel parameter.

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    Hi Robin,

    This thread might be of interest to you (Link).

    I’m actually trying to configure my IP8 to do something similar for an upcoming job – sadly I couldn’t get the referenced Show File to import correctly in Director thus far, but I plan to keep playing with it. Hope this helps!

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    MSTEEL: Thank you so much for your fantastic explanation of how to get channel select working. It made such sense, even an oldie like me understood and I now have channel select working on my IP8s and the whole mobile set up now seems like it should actually be fairly good using just a single screen. Sends on faders would make it great but still I think it should function quite well. I know people have been able to get the sends on faders working through having multiple screens and safe-ing particular functions and i have actually been able to get this working but when I have shows with 6 different random bands in a night all with 15 min turn overs I just feel this is way to complex. But none the less it’s now a working usable system and I thank you for this!

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