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    I am sorry but I have to laugh at this, This is the very reason that I got rid of my QU Series mixer

    Cool story bro.

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    A&H, I like very much my QU16 and I use it from long ago …
    But PLEASE add the channel name like on qu-pad in the qu16 (q24) display on first channel tab just upper the phase widget.
    If I have this possibility I stop to keep my strip for each scene, of course it’s necessary to memorize with a scene all channels names.

    Thank to you, to add this very little feature for your development team but Big feature for all customers.

    I think it’s not a very necessary feature but it’s not a very delicate and hard add-on and this channel name on qu-16/24 display make the quSerie in the right and comfortable way for the users.


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    I would love to see channel naming implemented as well, especially if it pushes the names to the iPad.

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    channel names must be stored in the scene on the console and the iPad should reflect the names too when a scene is changed…
    I almost didn’t buy this mixer because of the lack of storing channel names,, I am not too keen on saving white tape with sharpie names on it for each different group I provide sound for. Geez 🙁 This I am NOT locking forward to.

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    I need this too!

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    I bought the QU16 for small shows, and am very satisfied with the desk. I don’t have problems with the channel number only displayed at the screen, when theres’s a new band and I have to start from scratch anyway.

    But the more I use the desk and the more I use stored scenes the more I find it annoying, to guess which channel could be what signal. Now I think, channel naming which should be stored in the scene and should be displayed in the iPad app and the touchscreen is a feature that I’d apprechiate very much if it was implemented in a future update.

    I can live without it, but sometimes it would make my work much easier.

    Anyway, thanks A&H for another great product.


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    We all need this very badly. This is a very basic requirement.

    A&H Please bring out a firmware and fix this soooon.

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    Nicola A&H

    Input channels, Mixes, FX returns and Groups can now be named. Names are displayed in the Processing and Routing screens. They are stored in Scenes and can be blocked from recall using the Global Filter or per Scene Recall Filter. They are also communicated to connected ME-1 personal mixers and kept in sync with the Qu-Pad app.

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    THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love my QU24,


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    Well, I used the new 1.5 firmware in my Qu-16 and for the first time it is worth saving a scene, as I can see what I recalled.. But now here’s a next step: The recorded tracks need to take the names of the channels! Seems it would be simple to do, Pro Tools has had it for years, and it’ll save me lots of time with live recordings.

    Looking forward to that in 1.6!

Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)

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