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    Hey all,

    Is there any update on putting the Channel names on the VDU of the mixer? Even saving them to the scenes and having them load up on the iPad would be of help.

    For context, I am doing 4-5 shows per week, with between 3 and 15 people on stage with different bands each night. Swapping the scenes is a brilliant help, but I am finding now it is easier to keep all 16 tracks up and running, and re-using (for example) the guitar on the same track to help memory, regardless of how many are in the bands. I haven’t got the time during switch overs to manually type them all into the iPad (unless I am missing a fairly obvious trick?!)

    Any thoughts/help/advice welcomed, but I can’t see why this can’t be done fairly easily…it would put this desk at the top of the mixing tree!


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    This has been suggested so often and for so long, I’m starting to suspect that the developers painted themselves into a corner in terms of their ability to do this at all. I think this is the most often requested feature they have, but it seems they may not have anticipated how much users would want it.

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    i think they’re already in progress of implement this feature (if it’s possible!) as we know, A&H will be up to 99% sure that in a further firmware everything works! Reliability is one of the most important thing on a live console! Maybe at Infocomm we will know more about a firmware update!?

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    I was told by a A&H tech guy they are testing a new firmware and channel naming is included.

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    Fingers crossed to have this in the next firmware! Hopefully it’ll be here in the next few weeks…..

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….
    if the Mackie DL1608 can do it
    so can A&H Qu.

    Color coding of the iPad channels too since it is a mess to try to swipe and quickly find a specific channel without some kind of visual reference.

    Now, if they would implement the pictures on the iPad like Mackie that would just be too cool!
    It is NOT just a cutesy thing, it is incredibly powerful for efficient, FAST mixing.

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    watching :+}

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    Nicola A&H

    Input channels, Mixes, FX returns and Groups can now be named. Names are displayed in the Processing and Routing screens. They are stored in Scenes and can be blocked from recall using the Global Filter or per Scene Recall Filter. They are also communicated to connected ME-1 personal mixers and kept in sync with the Qu-Pad app.

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