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    I have been wondering why the Qu16 was sometimes so unintuitive to use for me. One big reason was for sure the layers and mixes having only one tiny LED each, as I already stated in another post. It makes it difficult to see where you are. Insted you see always very well which channels are muted (?)…

    I don’t have the unit anymore but rethinking if I shouldn’t buy it just for the direct USB rec. feature, I took a look again at a picture of it asking myself: was it really so unintuitive? Then I saw that the order of the EQ knobs is different than the order of the EQ parameters in the channel EQ view as can be seen here:

    EQ knobs go: gain – freq – width
    EQ parameters in the screen go: gain – width – freq

    I was somehow always reaching for the wrong knob when staring at the screen. That would explain why.

    As I said, I returned the unit so I can’t confirm that the foto still shows the EQ channel of the latest firmware.
    If so, this is to be considered a bug, in my opinion. It would explain why it felt always so strange to work with the channel EQ of this unit.

    Can anyone confirm?

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    On my demo unit with 1.2 it is correct. Gain, Freq, Width on knobs and screen.

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    The photograph in your link is incorrect. Perhaps it was an early prototype. My mixer shows the parameters in the same order as the knobs.

    Come to think of it, I don’t use the knobs very often. I select what I want to change on the LCD screen and then turn the encoder.

    As far as workflow goes, you get used to the layers. It’s not a big deal. It’s like when you buy a new car. Not everything is in the same place as your old car but that doesn’t detract from its value or usability. It just takes a little time. And like I mentioned in the response to your earlier post (it even says it in the manual) make it a habit to return to the main level after making a change to one of the other levels.

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    Hello. I recently used 3 of these together for a large surface area. after the third day of mixing acoustic instruments I still stuggled with getting the Q knob to go the correct way when trying to select the shelving setting but the knob that had me jumping was the compression knob. to myself the compression either adding or sub tracting should go clockwise to push down and anti clockwise to raise or subtract the amount required. Even though we sound checked multiple acts, of course when there is 500 people sitting in front you need to tweak these sorts of knobs. I founbd myself repeatedly turning the comp knob the wrong way. I’m used to using lots of DBX-1060 comps and out board 31band EQues. However I used no inserts!
    Anyhow the desks were stunning for acoustic instruments!

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