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    Hi guys! I’ve just updated the firmware (obligatory) and now it seems that the compression DISPLAYS that it’s working but has no effect. The dynamics DO however still work on the outputs. I’ve tried resetting the unit and it’s the same. I’ve reinstalled the previous firmware but MixPad won’t accept it, says it’s too old. Odd cos in the firmware notes it says that if both begin with “1.1” it should still work. I NEED THIS BY TOMORROW so I’m a bit freaking out. Can anyone else play with their channel dynamics (firmware 1.1.1) so that I know if it’s just me?


    update: Seems to work when monitoring through the mains but all the other buses there’s no effect. The outputs are set to pre-fader but that’s still post dynamics right? I’ve been using this for a couple of months and this is new behaviour!

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    Well tested now. Through any outputs other than MainLR: Channel EQ works but compression doesn’t do anything. Whether the input is set to pre or post fader. Incidentally I’m testing this via SD Multitrack playback, which comes in after the preamp and before the channel effects so something’s definitely up.

    Hopefully I’ve just brainfarted and someone can point out where perhaps I’ve gone wrong fairly soon!

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    Page 40 of the users manual:

    Sends to Outputs 1-6 are sourced Post-PEQ (Pre-Comp) from input channels. This
    means that the full dynamic range is heard by performers in monitors, and that the
    compressor on each input affects only the Main LR

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    Hi All,
    I have a CQ18t, SW version 1.1.1
    I can hear that the compressor is not active hearing into the stereo paired out 1+2, looks like that is described on Page 40 of the handbook 😉 However I can see that the movement of the signal level bar when I’m in “Sent to 1-2” …. is at the level I set the compression. So visually it does not match to what I hear I’m afraid.
    Can you confirm my finding ? AH team, if I’m right, recommend to add this to the bug tracking list.
    A wish for the future would be to have the possibility to grab the signal before and after the compressor for my Monitor outs. Maybe you can add this selection to the output channels. (Maybe a new feature !?)
    However I really must say that this mixer sound fantastic and is that piece of equipment I really enjoy. Well done AH!


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    KeithJ A&H


    As shown in the block diagram on pg132 –,32,88
    The channel meter is sourced post-processing, pre-fader.

    It’s the channel meter which is always shown per channel, and which matches the signal heard when listening to the channel on headphones.

    So it’s not a bug but I can see how it would make sense for the channel meter to change when selecting different outputs from the ‘Sends to’ drop down in the fader screen.
    Perhaps one for the feature suggestions section to see if others feel the same?

    There is already a suggestion for sourcing outputs post compression here – – so add a +1 🙂


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