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    A yeah…. just chalk up to me not reading futher in the release notes. I have also noticed that the latest release V1.2 also doesn’t support user permission. I thought that would be one thing that was fixed in the next release but I guess not.

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    @gange: which is that other company with better forum support? I’m looking for an alternative to this mixer now.

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    Could you point me to their user forum? I couldn’t find it (if you meant soundcraft).

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    You have a peculiar and needlessly loud way of showing your dissatisfaction, spreading it over as many threads as possible. We heard you the first time. It’s just really annoying now.

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    You asked me to put the answer of my pre-sales ticket on a third thread, to then tell me I’m posting too much of it (?).

    I really would like to know which manufacturer he meant.
    Please ignore my posts if you find them annoying.

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    Well, if Soundcraft does not have a forum at all, maybe the activity here is not that bad. Keep in mind, though, that this forum is still young, compared to others.
    I don’t want to badmouth A&H, especially not in their own forum. I understand, and respect, their way of working. You will have to form your own opinion on this. Some vendors are better in some areas, others in other areas. Try to pick the cherries, and be content with the rest. That’s life.

    That said, I’m very torn what mixer to get myself.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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