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    Hello Guys (and maybe some girls),

    In a couple of weeks I have to mix my first show on a dlive C3500. I don’t have any experience with the dlive boards so I’m now investigating how everything works. I already have the software on my computer to get used to a little bit of the workflow. I’ve got a lot of experience on other consoles in all kinds of venues (up to 3500 people) and in my own studio. I’ve experience with the Midas pro series (pro 2 and Pro X), Digidesign (Avid SC48), Yamaha (01V96, LS9 and DM2000), M32 and X32 (offcourse), and the allen&heath (QU series).

    I love that there are the emulations of a lot of famous compressors I use in the studio as well. In my signalchain I’d like to put two compressors in series. I always use multiple compressors on my vocalchain. Both compressors will do a little of compression instead of one compressor that needs to do a lot. Mostly an LA-2A or a FairChild and a 1176. For what I can find out now on the dLive is that I can replace the standard compressor with one of the emulations (what I will use of course) and that I can put a Dyn8 multibandcompressor on insertslot b on every channel. But I can’t choose for one of the deep compressors as inserts for insertslot A and B.

    Even with the X32/M32 I’m used to a little bit more flexibility. I can change the place of the insertslot in the signalchain and I can insert extra compressor emulations. Maybe I’m wrong, so please help me out.

    1. Is it possible to insert the deep compresssor to an insertslot?
    2. Is it possible to place insert slot A and B on other spots in the signalchain?

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

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    Hello slo188,

    if you study the documentation carefully, you can find out the answers yourself. The manual is also very well done.

    Here is the quick answer:
    1. No, you cannot load a compressor emulation directly into the insert. Neither in Insert A, nor in Insert B.
    But if you want to connect several compressors in series, you can find ways. e.g. you can send a channel into a bus to compress there again.
    For vocals I (almost) always use the channel compressor plus a Dyn8 in InsertB.
    Dyn8 is a very powerful tool that I wouldn’t want to live without 😉

    2. you can change the position of the compressor in each channel independently.
    Here you have the choice PEQ/Comp or Comp/PEQ.

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    2. you can change the position of the compressor in each channel independently.
    Here you have the choice PEQ/Comp or Comp/PEQ.

    but not the pickpoint of any insert….

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    The sidechain of the insert only allows “Self” for its own channel. And that is, of course, the input signal from the point in the channel where the insert point is located. So after the gate or after the compressor.
    Otherwise, however, all other channels and busses are allowed. Especially if you have a digital card installed (e.g. Dante or MADI), there are many routing possibilities. Then you can easily loop in other channels without having to leave the digital level.

    What I would also like to see at this point is the loading of the Deep plug-ins in the inserts. That would solve the problem very easily.

    However, due to the extensive routing possibilities, somehow a solution can always be found. You just have to think a bit more.

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    I would like to second the suggestion of using a bus to add more compression to the signal chain. You then get even more options with the bus like yet another inset point(!), the really nice bus compressor and the 12 band eq for even more fine tuning. Thank you firmware 1.9!

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    This is just my 2 cents on the issue. I have no knowledge of the behind the scenes at A&H.

    While being able to add more compressors is probably technically possible for Allen and Heath with the XCVI processor, I would be surprised if they did it. That’s because it would change the latency of the system. The way A&H handles latency on their systems is to account for the longest “normal” signal change (ie a input going to a channel going to a group going to a matrix with max processing at every stage) and time align this across the system. They are proud of their low .7ms of total latency using the system regularly (ie not routing groups back to channels, etc). Adding another set of compressors would increase this overall latency. This would force A&H to either increase the total latency of the system to something larger than .7ms, or drop the “time aligned” element of their systems completely. I just don’t think A&H is interested in doing either.

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