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    I am in rehearsal and preparing for summer festivals with the dLive.

    I have never seen the CDM48’s fans starting up !!

    Is it normal ?

    Does those fans starts up when it ‘s too hot inside or should they be running as soon as i boot up the mixrack ?

    Just wondering…


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    I’m pretty sure those are thermally controlled fans.

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    Hey !

    Ok so another regearsal day without fans.

    It is strange because i have the mixrack with axients and psm1000 and combiner in a 13U stage rack… it is pretty hot inside but not enough to run those fans…?

    If so, it is quite impressive

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    Ok so the rehearsal ended and we had a great show running on the dlive system !
    No problem at all … but still, the micrack’s fan never started once !!

    Any testamony regarding this matter ?
    Do your mixrack’s fan start at boot up or ever started at all ?

    I have to say, the stage rack contains the mixrack and axient and psm 1000 which are quite hot after a gig…

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    I think my CDM32 mixrack fans are running all the time….

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi geoffreydheur,

    The fans should be running all the time. If they are not starting at power up, there is definitely something wrong with the fans, the fan controller, or the cable in between. I suggest you get your CDM checked by a service engineer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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