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    I stopped in to the venue while one of my techs was checking the evening’s performers. Through with the headliner, working on the opener. Most of the way done, everything’s fine, until suddenly they notice that after they select mix 5, the faders on the right stop moving. Any mix they switch to is destroyed above fader 8. Takes a bit to diagnose, but only the first 8 faders are responding. I have them recall the last scene save, rebuild mix 5, and save it. The band takes a break. I build a new blank scene with 8 channels per layer and everything above fader 8 unassigned. Recall Safe fader assigns, and recall their scene. Save that. Recall the headliner with the same safes, and save that. OK, we’re good to go, with our 8 channel SQ6. Then I cleared the safes and recalled the headliner scene, and everything appeared to be working. So maybe it was a corrupt scene save? Anyway, they’re going to run the opener with 8 channels, switch to the 24 fader scene for the headliner between sets and see if it appears to be behaving. Switch to the 8 ch version if it’s not.

    Man I hate computers.

    Of course I couldn’t do my job without them, but…

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