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    I have a SQ5 & DX168 stage box.

    I’m wondering if anyone can share the name of a pre-made (non A&H brand) cable Cat5e/ Cat6 cable that is working well for them.

    I’ve been reading up on the recommendations of approved cables on the A&H site & I’m getting confused. I’m not looking to make my own cable at this point. I am looking for a cheaper alternative than the A&H manufactured cable.

    Thanks for your time!

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    It would not be wise to risk a show or a recording session on something as simple as an ethernet cable. Go for something with Ethercon connectors and ruggedized (or tactical) cable. The length is up to you, depending on the various locations you foresee working in. There are many online providers for such cable. It’s data, not audio, so don’t waste money on the oxygen-free blah blah nonsense.

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    Phil Driscoll

    Van Damme Tourcat is a good option – rugged and reliable.

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    I have used proCo excelline cables for several years for our stage box and to connect to a me-500 with no issues. FWIW

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    Okay, and FWIW. I use a lot of Cat cable in my big (maybe 22 devices) Dante setup. I figured out early on that to buy the right tools and to learn to properly terminate Cat cable would pay big dividends. If you only need one or two Cat cables, buy them on line. If you need 10, buy good bulk cable (the stuff from Monoprice is fine) and build your cables to suit. It’s pretty easy.


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    Rat Sound “SuperCAT Sound” works well, if you’re doing portable sound. Very rugged and will last.

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    You must use a shielded cable. Ideally you get one with ethercon connectors. Personally I would go for Cat6 (or better) at this point but we actually use a shielded Cat5e wire and it works fine (see below). Just make sure you get the the type of cable rated for your installation requirements. If it is simply laying on the floor, or going through walls, then riser cable is fine. If it is going to be routed through a plenum (like at my church the entire stage structure also acts as a HVAC return with air vents on the front of the stage but otherwise no ductwork under the stage) you need to make sure it is plenum rated cable. If it is going to be used outdoors (perhaps for special events) then I would probably look for direct burial (because the jacket has more protection and waterproofing). Other than that, any good quality shielded Cat6 cable should work.

    We use this cable at our church for special outdoor events and it works fine.
    We permanently installed this cable running from FOH to the stage and it works fine as well. (It is routed so that it doesn’t go under the stage and therefore does not need to be plenum rated).–pro-co-200-foot-shielded-cat-5e-ethercon-cable

    Both cables have been used to connect various brands of stageboxes to our FOH console (previously an X32 and now an Avantis) and both have worked without any issues – no popping, loss of signal, or other problems.

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    Just bought 70M!

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