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    Hi we purchased QU-16 in my work and I have been doing some recording tests with no success. I am using SSD disk that my QU-16 recognizes after formatting. I can record on the SSD disk but when I take the wav files to my computer they seems to be corrupted. I can´t play them and they all have the same file size 512kb. Both files from stereo recordings and multitrack recordings.
    I am using a PC with Windows 10 to read the files. When I open in Adacity the file looks strange..see picture.

    Any settings taht I am missing in QU-16?

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    I have found the problem for the Sterio recording I was not sending the main L & R to the USB. Now I need to figure out how to do it with multitrack.

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    If you see the files are all 512kb then they are there but the file headers haven’t yet been written.
    You aren’t stopping the recording and letting the console write the headers correctly onto the drive before ejecting the drive.
    Also, you might be shutting down the console improperly before pulling the drive from the QU Drive slot.
    To recover those files –
    Import the files into Audacity as RAW PCM files. You will be able to see the files.
    Export each file as a .wav file, 24/48.
    After that you will be able to use the files.

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    I have multitrack recording Arm, Start, & Stop set to softkeys and notice it takes 30 seconds or so to be ready to record after hitting the Arm key, and the same to actually stop recording after hitting Stop. The first time I used these I thought the keys weren’t working, then realized the qu was creating the 18 wav files while arming, and finalizing the files after hitting Stop. Watch the USB LED light while these are happening.

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    Hey Guys, I have a similar problem but slightly different. Utilizing multi-track recording on a 16 Gb Lexar thumb drive, it stopped on it’s own because it was full. All 18 audio files are corrupted and cannot be retrieved even as raw files with Audacity. However the audio files can be played on the QU16 just fine. I was trying to recover them digitally and mix them on my DAW. These files cannot be copied, edited or moved. When I tried copying, I get an error 0x80070570. Is there any way to copy them digitally from the external USB B connector on the back side?


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    Rafael A&H

    Hi Swiney,

    Please have a look at the following article, hopefully this will help you recovering your files:

    If this doesn’t work, then yes, you can do the suggested procedure.
    Playback your multitrack from the drive on the mixer and then send all the channels to your computer/DAW through USB B and re-record them on the DAW.

    For your reference:


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