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    Karel QU16

    Cannot safe scenes QU16
    I have a problem about saving and recall a scene on the QU16
    I saved (for example)
    1. Band 1 on memory scene 1
    2. Then I safe Band 1 to memory scene 2 with another name like Band 2
    3. Then make the nececery changes to this other Band 2 scene and save it to scene 2.
    (It ask me wil you override this scene) “yes U little QUtie”
    So now I have to 2 scenes for 2 band.

    Now I want to recall band 1, then I get the last saved settings of band 2…..
    So it saves only the last edited mix setting on both scenes, so nothing happens 🙁

    In my filters is nothing blocked or not alowed

    What am I doing wrong exept for my English 🙂

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    Dick Rees

    It seems like you are saying “yes” to over-writing the scene. When you do that you will have only one scene…or perhaps two identical scenes, those being the second scene.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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