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    We are slowly building up library entries for each band member and Pastor. One of our bands routinely changes members and it would be really nice if I could just drop in a whole strip into a particular input. For instance, I have input socket assigned to a slot on Bank A Layer 1. Our template might say Voc35. I’d like to take a library entry names BobV and drop it into Voc35. Is there anyway to do this? Right now I would have to rename and possible recolor the strip and then copy and paste in the library entry. Copying and pasting would be tons faster for setting up for rehearsals.

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    Do you use the storage area for commonly used channel names under the keyboard?

    If Bob is always on the same channel whenever he’s singing you could create a scene which blocks everything except that channel. Name and colour are included in scene memories.


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    I think what he’s looking for is a way to take an entire channel’s worth of data and store it in the library. So you know that Bob is going to sing on channel 1, so you recall the Bob entry on that channel and everything pops in, name, color and all.

    There is not, to my knowledge, a way to do this. You can however save commonly used names (those white boxes under the keyboard for channel labels). You could, depending on the number of channels you use, leave Bob’s setting in Input 35, then patch (or unpatch) it from the I/O window. So if he’s singing into the microphone plugged into socket 3, you could patch socket 3 to input 35. If Joe is on input 24 and using that very mic next week, just repatch input 24 to socket 3. I couldn’t use this method due to the number of channels I regularly require, but it may be useful to you.

    I am not sure of your level of sound experience; if this is confusing, look up how an analog patch bay works. It’s essentially the same process, but with a screen instead of wires.

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    I have not tried this but could you create a scene with the channel strips for the mics you need at various times. Get all your preferred settings for the person on that mic on that channel. In other words the scene is your library. Then copy a channel. Change to your scene you are working with and paste that in. The key here is does the clipboard retain the copy during a scene change. Not sure I have ever done that.

    I don’t have a console setup here to try it.

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    Hey George! Yes the clip oard remains due scene change! But you should not forget to copy and paste not only the whole channel by pressing the sel-button of this channel, as well the “MIX-Button” has to be copied depending on how you manage monitoring!
    Bank layer assignments are so easy with the GLD! So i would support lithiumfun’s solution and try to do a fix patch for all musicians!

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