Can we hear PEQ settings in ME-1 Monitors?

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    I’m not 100% sure if changing the PEQ settings on our QU-32 is actually affecting what I hear in my IEM.

    On our QU-32, all of our channels are set to Post Delay, Follow Fader OFF, Follow Mute OFF except for the channels that we use for speakers, which we mix to MIX3 and send to Ableton Live with a Direct Out setting of Post Delay / OFF / OFF with a 10dB boost. (for some reason the input level in Ableton Live is really low, but that’s another question.)

    So, are the IEM’s designed to be able to hear the PEQ changes for each channel, or would it not even make sense to do that?

    I would imagine the engineer will EQ to the venue, and the IEM’s would be a dry signal (with a few added effects sends) so the talent can make it sound how they want it to sound…

    Sound about right? Or should I set the channels to Post PEQ?

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    I’ll be the 1st admit I’m not 100% familiar with the QU design, however, I would think that A&H would keep a similar signal chain design as the larger systems.
    If you have your direct out source point selected as Post Delay, you would hear any/all EQ changes you make. My understanding is that “post delay” is completely at the end of the signal processing chain just before it goes to the fader.
    If you want a totally dry signal for the ME system, I’d suggest you select ‘Post Pre-amp’ as that is as dry/un-effected/un-processed as you can get. Only changes to the pre-amp level would be heard in the ME system, any other downstream signal changes would not be heard in the ME system.
    The ME-1’s do have a limited EQ in them that each user can tweek to their preference if they choose, however, the EQ in the ME only effects the master output of the ME, not per individual channels.

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    Hmm. Just got a SQ and ME-1. I am in fact looking for a way to send dry signals to the ME-1 for a particular application. I’m using some processing on individual Input channels on the desk that I don’t want carried over to corresponding inputs on the ME1. Ideally, looking for a POST PREAMP option. Can’t seem to find where I could do that in the SQ menus. I’m doing one to one routing for this 16 x 16.
    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    On the QU, I was able to send post pre-amp to the monitors, and then also send the effects to the monitors so the musician could dial in their own level of effects processing if they choose. Not sure on the SQ.

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    ME-1 is 40 Input device
    you have a screen with the patching to the 40 channels
    you can change the global pick up point in the routing page of any input strip
    there is a global option for the direct out point that affects the ME sends as well
    as long you are using direct outs

    it is possible to use tie lines as well, then the signal is always post preamp, before processing

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    Thanks for the response. Yes you have the solution I was looking for. Still learning the board and didn’t see that setting initially.

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