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    I’m interested in adding a Nano Router for my QU-PAC mixer. I already own a decent Netgear router but would like something more discrete for small low key events.
    I’ve been having a quick search and found these routers :-

    These routers are either powered by USB or have a built in rechargeable battery.

    Is it possible to power a USB router via the USB connection on the QU mixers?

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    QuDrive will supply a small current, but the routers probably take >500mA

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    Forgive me if I am wrong but memory says USB 2 should be able to supply 500ma maximum and USB3 is 900ma maximum however I am not sure if individual manufacturers are forced to stick to these figures. I have for years used a small portable hard drive (not a flash/thumb drive) as a storage device from one of the USB ports on my iLive with no problems.

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    Thanks for the replies. I spoke to tech support yesterday and apparently the USB port only recognises devices it’s designed to work with and powering routers is very unlikely. Giving it a go would be worth a try but it’s not been tried or recommended/supported by Allen & Heath.

    I noticed that the D-Link DIR-510L router is battery powered and is rechargeable. This could be a good option as it has had very positive reviews and is dual band.

    I don’t necessarily need a really long range in venues with 200+ people, I’m talking about posh hotels and church wedding services where I need the clutter of cables and equipment to be as discrete as possible.

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