Can stereo playback from USB stick route to inputs or only ST3?

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    I managed to get a theatrical production running from a USB stick in the board, after running into reliability issues with a computer installed in the set piece doing some telepresence.
    Previously we had the audio device routed into channels 15/16 patched as local. I’d like to get back to that model, so that the board operator doesn’t have to hit layers to adjust
    the main track volume on ST3, which seems to be the default routing for the stereo playback.

    I tried selecting channels, processing, FN key to assign input, global from the stick not streaming USB 2, then USB, no signal. I would hear playback fine if I selected layers
    and brought up the ST3 fader. I fooled around with the usb routing options but eventually concluded those are streaming channels, not for connecting local faders to input sources.
    Or if not, I could not manage to get any sound after assigning the desired channels to ST3 as the source.

    So we can run this way, but it would be simpler to route directly to an arbitrary input and avoid the layer switching. It’s a bizarre setup with mics around an outdoor area,
    automated feedback notching, and operator riding the levels on several dynamic and condensor mics. Anything I can do to keep it simple is great. We already switch to mix 1 to
    bring the subwoofer level way up for one effect, so remembering to switch both layers and mix1 starts to invite errors.

    Am I missing something?

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    Qu Drive is fixed to St3 input.

    Can you use the custom layer to get all the channels you need in one place?

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    Thanks, that is probably the thing I was missing!
    I did not read the reference start to finish, have been searching for functions as needed.

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