Can someone share (or point me to) the list of FX supported in the SQ

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    Hi all. I’m a Qu24 owner and love it, and am very close to buying an SQ6. I own and mix on a StudioLive Series III most of the time nowadays, and love it for its scribble strips, but every time I use it I miss the responsiveness of the Qu. A primary driver for the upgrade to an SQ6 is/would be to avoid lugging around the outboard FX I have to use on top of the ones available in the Qu24 or the StudioLive.

    Everywhere I look in the SQ literature I see the phrase “…and features access to the acclaimed RackExtra library”, but it isn’t clear which subset of the DLive’s RackExtra FX are actually available on the SQ6 with its current firmware.

    I could swear that at one point the A&H site had a table-style listing of which FX were available in which mixer series, and I could swear it showed that the SQ had some of the things I needed (see below) but I’m either remembering incorrectly, it has been removed, or I’m being unlucky with my Google search terms.

    Aside from the various ‘verbs and ADT, I’m most interested in Hypabass, and either the PicthDoubler or VS1 VocalShift. I currently lug extra hardware around to provide this, which drives the bulk and weight of my FOH roadcase solution up past the back-friendly threshold.

    Any sort of multiband compressor or dynamic EQ would be gravy.

    Are any/all of these FX available (yet, planned for V1.3, or at least promised) on the SQ?

    Thanks in advance for any insights…


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Tony,

    The RackExtra FX included in SQ V1.2 are listed in the reference guide and technical datasheet.

    SMR Reverb
    Gated Reverb
    Stereo Tap Delay
    Blue Chorus
    Symphonic Chorus
    noo Phaser

    The Tube Stage Preamp is available as a free upgrade, and there will be more DEEP processing units available shortly, including compressors and GEQ’s.
    You would currently still need to look to a dLive system for the FX and DEEP processing you have listed here, though we will be adding further upgrades including FX and DEEP processing units in the future.

    Hope this helps!


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    Well… that isn’t quite what I’d hoped to hear, but I bought the board anyway; it should be arriving any day now. Hopefully some of the other FX slated to be ported will fill in the gaps in the future.

    I really enjoyed mixing on the QU, I’m taking it on faith that the SQ will deliver a similar experience, but with more a more muscular feature set.

    Thank you for your response, by the way. Have a great week!


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    A gld80 also will the fx’s you need do.


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    Hmmm… you’re right, and on top of that, the GLD seems to have a full set of pan (etc) encoders, something I’ve sorely missed on all of my recent digital boards. The dimensions seem pretty luggable, too; I probably should have been looking at them more closely in the past. They’d seemed out of my price league, I suspect that the fact that they are more affordable now has something to do with how late into their model cycle they are. That gives me some pause, but is probably OT for the SQ forum.

    In any case, thanks for pointing it out, I might need to do a bit more research and keep this option in mind in the event that SQ6 doesn’t work out.

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