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    I presently use three aux channels to feed IEMs. I use the dedicated “TALK” channel to conveniently speak to them.

    I have added a few ME1 mixers and have them successfully integrated into the system, except for talkback. Can I route/program the GLD80 so the talkback signal goes down the monitor CAT5 cable while utilizing the same “talk” button on the console? I would like the “talk” audio to be muted unless I press the “talk” button just like the auxes do now.

    I know how to program 40 channel monitor feeds, ME1s and talkback to auxes. I wonder if someone has successfully talked through both systems concurrently via the “TALK” button?

    I realize I can set up a switched microphone and bypass the talk channel if I am forced to but the talk channel seems like it could be made to work.

    Thank you in advance.


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    The only solution I have found is to route an AUX to one of the 40 monitor channels and assign the Talkback to that AUX. When you select the TALK button, you can now speak to the ME-1s like any other AUX-fed speaker. It is important that the ME-1 AUX only contain the TALK source.

    I have suggested it before, but having a TALK selection in the Monitor channel patchbay would be preferable. It is a poor use of Mix outputs to waste an AUX on the ME-1s. I would also like to see the ME-1 system be an option within the Settings/Talkback selection window.

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    That would certainly be useful sometimes. Currently I have a stereo aux which is the aviom ambience feed. I put the pair of ambience mics into this, together with the speech microphones post fade. ( it’s a church environment, so the musicians can hear announcements clearly without too much natural room reverb on the ambience channel). I can then add the talkback into this aux and it all works fine

    But I can see, if I didn’t want to put the speech mics in, I could get away with just sending a direct out from the ambience mics to a pair of ambience channels on the aviom, and I could avoid burning a stereo aux, BUT then I couldn’t have a separate talkback channel without burning another aux. however since I am using aviom rather than me, I’m more concerned about keeping within the 16 aviom chanels limit.

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    For what it’s worth, I solved this problem the same way. (using an Aux send)

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    I’ll give that a try. Thank you.


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    Great idea using an aux. I have had the same complaint with lack of ME routing for the talkback feature. We have used a switchable mic so far, but it’s a hassle and would like the button on the surface to do what it’s designed to do for our application (exclusively into ME system).

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