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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to go Live from x32/m32 world. I am really liking the size of the c1500 but unsure if I would be better off with the c2500.I am not ruling the c3500 out but for my needs which is more mobile, the 1500 or 2500 would be more practical. I could add an ip8 with the 1500 but then cost is roughly the same as the 2500.

    any advice would be appreciated.

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    I bought a c2500 because of many shows on a GLD-80, and the 2 have a similar surface layout. The c2500 is nice, but it is still quite large, making me wish at times that I went with a c1500. I still might consider buying a c1500 at some point in the future, but use an SQ5 for gigs with less space available, and where 48 channels is adequate. In the end it all comes down to personal preference. Look carefully at weight and size specs, and also the weight and size of the cases that they would potentially be housed in. Moving the c2500 is a 2-person job most of the time.

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    We just got a second dLive system, a C2500 with IP8. We have had a dual surface C2500 system for a couple of years now, but the IP8 is new to me. The system is an install and I have a few hours on it in setup but no actual event experience with it yet.

    My intention for the IP8 was to have it function as a master section, keeping all the faders on the C2500 for inputs. I am finding that the shorter faders, lower height, and fewer buttons on the IP8 are making it feel less like part of the surface than I had hoped. In these early days with this system I am thinking that we might just make good use of layers and DCA spills on the C2500 and not really need the extra faders on the IP8.

    But, in our installed situation we plan to leave the mix rack powered on 24/7, and in this situation I really like the option of having the IP8 set up with a few commonly used channels where we can just walk in and turn something on without powering up the big surface.

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    If the cost difference is really that small, I don’t see any advantages to going with a 1500 except for it’s small form factor. It you are touring and need an ultra-portable system, or a really small footprint in a permanent installation, then the 1500 makes sense. Otherwise the extra faders and encoders (the 2500 has the additional encoders on the side of the screen) of the 2500 are going to be well worth it.

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