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    I think you can do this, but I’m not in front of my Qu right now.

    Can you “tap” the Mix/Group/Matrix for USB streaming?

    I’m considering starting to record “dry” via the Post-Pre direct out to USB on each channel, but also recording the mixes as stems, so that I can perform a live mix during the recording to 2-track, plus stems, via the busses, for a quick rough mix that the band can listen to right away, plus a few stems they can take home to hear their performance in isolation (with perhaps a sub-mix of the rest of the performance 12dB lower, etc.), as well as the usually individual dry tracks for mixing.

    For example: Direct outs per channel, as per usual, 1 through 20. USB streaming Count: 20

    Mix Outs to USB as mono stems (guitar, guitar, bass, vocals) and stereo via Group Outs (keys, drums, etc.). USB Streaming Count: 28

    Main Out as a 2-track stereo mix. USB Streaming Count: 30


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    Yes in the IO patch menu go to the USB tab and on the tracks you want the groups select them by tapping that track and using the encoder input knob to scroll through the selections.

    Remember on the QU you can not assign channels to a mix group and have that mix group assigned to the main LR mix while the channel sources assigned to the mix group are also assigned to the main LR mix, you will have phase issues from the routing latency differences in the signal paths when they combine at the LR main mix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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