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    I’ve lost a channel in my 2 year old CDM32. The technician of Allen&Heath told me i better buy a Yamaha…. Not so helpful but he said that the problem with the racks is the Phantom Power. When we switch bands, the channels muted but the phantom is still on, we blew up the sad parts…. Someone?
    I’m looking for a solution that i can program a soft touch button to switch all of my phantom on or off? Is there someone ho nows how its work. No, i don’t wanna buy a QL1….

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    I have seen the input resistors of other allen&heath stageboxes (AR2412) bocoming high resistive (from 22ohms to several kohms) after phantompower accidents. maybe there is something similar going on here. this would be an easy fix for technicians.

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    Mike Storm

    The assumption that a Yamaha would be more reliable is very, very questionable.
    I don’t think this is a common problem with CDM racks, never heard of it.

    You could create a ‘no-48V’ scene and use the scene filter to recall preamps only. Just make sure you store a scene with the correct 48V and gain/pad first, so you can recall it after the band changeover.

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    New one on me this one, used to see it pretty often on early Avid racks but not A&H. I use phantom power on pretty much every channel so I would have thought after using D Live for at least 6 or 7 years I would have broken one by now. only channel fault I have had so far was a dry joint on a Prime card which was fixed immediately by the technical dept.

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    Hi Spookt,

    You are located in Belgium?

    Why not contact XLR Pro (Distribution) or send an email to support.

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