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    Hairy One

    Is it possible for A & H to design a breakout box for the QU series, would be great to be able to patch in external gear ie insert in/out on analogue desk.

    Any comments appreciated.

    (Old skool)

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    As both a dealer and a sound engineer myself I just can’t see the need for this. I too love old outboard gear. I own a ton of it(probably literally). But one of my big reasons for moving to a digital console was to get away from having to rig all that as well as move it around. I think that’s the beauty of these. I can setup my GLD or QU and accomplish everything in the console. Sure there are better verbs and delays. I have those but the onboard effects are plenty good enough for most people. With all due respect, I think if effects mean more to you than convenience maybe you should stick with an analog console. I just hope you are young and have a good back. I am not and don’t partly do to all those touring years in 70’s thru the 90’s hauling all that stuff 😄

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    On the OP, not sure what the breakout box would do?

    You can already patch in external fx by sacrificing channels – see other previous posts in these forums for the best way to do this using mix outs (or groups) for the sends and channel ins for the returns.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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