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    I’ve been sound tech for about 3 months now and have managed to smooth many items out, thanks to the tech who left and is so gracious to still help!! However – I have so many questions!! I try and Google questions, and hello – there’s a ton of info out there!

    Question #1: when the pastor is speaking the GR comp in light keeps flicking on and off. The uploaded recordings sound okay, so I’m guessing that it’s okay, but it looks like a warning to me!!

    Also – how can I be picking up signal on mic’s that are muted?

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    Signal is coming in, the channel is muted in the desk, so it doesn’t get routed to any output.

    The GR is doing what it should – flicker is probably good in this instance.

    Where are you? It sounds like you need to come alongside someone for a bit to learn what is going on (as we all did at one point)

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    Dick Rees

    That light will come on to let you know that the signal on the selected channel is over the threshold setting…BUT…no gain reduction will be applied unless you have the compressor turned ON for that channel.

    So no worries. Just be aware that any dynamic processing such as EQ, comp or gate must be intentionally turned on for a channel before the signal is affected.

    Further, the metering lights are operating pre-mute so even though you may have channels muted, you still have the ability to make adjustments to input gain as needed without having the channel in the live mix.

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    The microphone isn’t muted, the audio channel is muted.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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