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    So I installed 1.5 on my SQ6. At the exact same time, my blue button for “Processing” stopped functioning. I reverted back to 1.4 and then back to 1.5 with no change. So I know it isn’t firmware dependent. So I guess I have suffered the ill-fated “only a small lot of mixers got the “bad” buttons” issue. Repair centers are closed at least until June, so does anyone know of a fix, or a supplier to get the replacement button from? I have learned the workaround that as long as I don’t push the other blue button for “Routing” I can just push the white buttons on and off and I will return to the default processing tab.

    So, any ideas. Hard reset had no affect and I can use mixpad to access the functions as well. Also the button will still light up if the tab is active.

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    is it possible that you are colour blind? The processing and routing buttons are green

    a momentary workaround could be to activate the “Processing Screen Follow Surface” setting

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    The Magician

    Not color blind, but I will split the difference with you. They are like an aquamarine color. I wouldn’t call it green, but you’re right they’re not full blue either. Anyway, like color means that much to the issue as electrons typically don’t care (at least in my 30 years an electrician/engineer), the processing screen is set to follow the channel select, but if you are not in the processing screen it doesn’t matter. Getting to the processing screen is the actual difficulty. Upon initial boot up, processing screen is automatically selected. As long as I don’t hit the other blueish/greenish button, and just use the other white buttons (fairly certain we can agree on that color), when I hit the white button a second time it deactivates and returns to the processing screen. If you hit the other debated-color button (for routing) you cannot get back to the processing screen without rebooting. I can also access the processing screen via laptop/ipad so all is not lost, but that is a clunky workaround and I would prefer to use the onboard buttons and screen.

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    KeithJ A&H


    Unfortunately this does sound like the known keymat issue, which will require repair by a distributor or authorised repair centre.
    We would certainly not recommend carrying out a repair yourself (even with you being an electrician/engineer).
    I see you are based in the US, so have you already contacted AM&S about this?


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