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    Hello! I know this has been talked before but I would like to see anything has changed since that last post was made. But the rundown is that we have a laptop for the broadcast mix controlling an aux send for the broadcast because our budget hasn’t opened up for another SQ6. But the problem is that even I forgot to change mixes and then the broadcast mixer starts touching FOH things. Is there any way to block it? Or could that be in an update to add that in the permissions tab? Thanks!

    -Adam (Nudgy)

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    Create a new user called ‘broadcast’
    Give them permissions to edit mix 12 (or whatever it is) and whatever other things you want them to be able to do.

    Unfortunately, the permissions isn’t as granular as dLive and you can’t individually control which channels and processing the broadcast mixer can do.

    For instance, they might want to EQ a double patched kick drum and vocal mic for broadcast. Allowing access on the user profile to input processing will give them access to all of the channels, which will then be editing FOH.

    An alternative to a mix output would be to send USB audio from tie-lines to reaper or similar and do a mixdown in the computer for broadcast.

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    Mike C

    You could set up the monitor mix app for the person mixing the broadcast.
    SQ 4YOU is the name of it.
    That will only allow them to control the mix levels and output processing of the
    mix that is feeding the broadcast/live stream.

    I’ve set up a couple QU systems doing the same thing with the QU monitor mix app.

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    what software are you using in the laptop to do streaming?

    Our software does not let the livestream guy diddle with the Qu settings.
    Seems to be a laptop software issue. How would SQ be different?

    We set up a mix for him at soundcheck and then leave it frozen unless he asks for another change.

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    I had a similar issue with our Broadcast mixer reaching over and touching making changes on the console whilst I’m doing the FOH mix. If they forgot to change it back to Main LR mix, whilst controlling FOH I would inadvertently be changing settings to their assigned Aux.

    I have setup a user account for them and have assigned permissions to run SQ4You and MixPad. In their profile, I have granted access to Aux #5 only, so that they can adjust levels however they see fit for the livestream.

    My issue is that when they log into SQ4You, the permissions work as intended and they can only make changes to their assigned mix (Aux 5) but when they use the same login credentials and use MixPad on the broadcaster laptop, even though Aux 5 is the only mix highlighted, they can still control FOH by changing faders, muting channels… I don’t want them to have any access to the Main mix for FOH.

    Is there anyway to restrict MixPad to control only the assigned Aux #5? I thought I had already set these permissions because they work in the SQ4You App but not so in MixPad.

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