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    Hi guys,
    I develped new Allen&Heath QU module for Bitfocus Companion and now is on beta release:

    Download only 3108 or above build.

    I’ve tested it on QU16 so functions about Groups and Matrix were not tested. If you will find bugs, please open issue on GitHub:

    Have funny!

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    Thank you. It may not seem like much, but the ability to mute/unmute my mic from streamdeck is fantastic.

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    Not only that function. You will be able to:

    Faders and Pan
    Mix and FX sends: Level, Pan, Assign
    Matrix sends: Level, Pan, Assign
    Groups: Assign (Level, Pan in mix mode)
    Mute Groups: Assign, Mute
    DCA Groups: Assign, Level, Mute
    PAFL select
    Scene Recall
    Preamp (local): 48V
    MMC Transport Control

    Special functions:
    Feedbacks: Mutes, PAFL
    Presets: Mutes, PAFL
    Variables: Fader level, Send level, Channel name, Current scene
    Step level increment: Fader level, Send level
    Scene step increment (+/- 10)

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    what you mean with “feedbacks” ?

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    Feedbacks usually on Companion permit to change button color when specific event return a certain value. In this module, you’ll be able to change button color when Mute / PAFL is pressed and not, so you have a visual feedback status of the console button.

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    Ah – that makes sense, and is useful. 🙂

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    Hi MaxKiusso

    Thank you for making this plugin. It has simplified my workflow considerably.

    I have just one question. Is there a way to toggle Talk mode on an off via Companion?


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    This is exactly what I’m looking for. All I have to do is mute/unmute various mics from Stream Deck so we only need 1 operator to stream our church services. One dumb question to get me started though – how do I physically connect my Windows PC to the Allen-Heath QU-24? USB to midi? USB to USB? Or via the LAN somehow?

    Thank you!

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