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    Hello from Australia!

    A little back story first…..

    I work for the largest Audio Visual Event Staging company in the world. My role is to design and configure the installed AV systems in all the venues in which we are the in-house AV supplier.

    For many years we have been using a certain brand of Audio DSP / control system in all of our venues. This product is fantastic but was never the perfect fit for us as an audio DSP.

    We recently discovered the AHM audio processors and fell in love with the idea. A DSP processor with 96khz sample rate, a 64×64 Dante card and the ability to control external equipment via TCP/IP commands – all from a beautifully designed custom ipad interface (via custom control)

    I got my hands on a demo unit and was extremely pleased with the feature set of the AHM (setting it up via system manager). I quickly had the processor using presets to control the power on/off of our installed data projectors and triggering the raising and lowering of installed motorised projector screens.

    We quickly placed a large order of AHM32 and AHM16 processors (about 30 units or so in our first order to be used in current projects).

    I made one big mistake…

    I didnt test out the custom control app before we ordered all the processors.

    Don’t get me wrong – having now used the software – i love the fact that i can make a very visually appealing ipad interface – and i love the fact that i can make amazing looking faders, knobs and buttons using custom images.


    Here’s what i can’t do:

    * I can’t assign a button to control the Phantom Power On/off of a channel
    * I can’t set up a toggle button to switch the input preamp gain of a channel between 27db and 0db (MIC/LINE level toggle)
    * I can’t assign a knob or a fader to control the input preamp gain
    * I can’t create a toggle button where the ON state will trigger one preset , while the OFF state will trigger another preset
    * I can’t create a drop down box to choose between a small number of presets

    Is this for real? I basically can’t create any of the simple controls that are needed for the most common basic audio system. It is as if this app was created for the sole purpose of allowing a musician on stage to control send levels to their foldback monitor – without any intention of it being used to control a very capable Installation Audio Processor!

    Please tell me that there is a new update about to be released for custom control???????????????

    If there is a beta version of custom control which includes this functionality – please throw it my way – because at the moment we are stuck with a tonne of audio processors that we cannot control in a simple user friendly way!

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