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    Hi all!

    Been trying to set up my Mixrack for both FOH & Monitors on the same show. I’Ll be using just the mixrack, dlive director software & eventually mixing station software (no surface).

    Planning on FOH tracks 1-48 & monitors 49-96 (duplicating inputs).

    Please let me know your tips and tricks to set up the soft keys so when adjusting monitors I can select soft key and PFL a musicians ST Monitor mix and the faders will only show 49-96. I believe it is the soft key function > “Sel mix PAFL scene” but when I apply that and want to switch back to FOH it overrides scene.

    Anyone have any clarity on how to conveniently set this function up of having the FOH mix 1-48, banks A-D but then when selecting softkey to adjusts monitos it PAFL LISTENS to selected monitor mix and shows 49-96 on BANKS A-D ?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I’m not sure if this will work, but I know you can use the recall filter to block everything except for the fader layouts. We do this on our Avantis and have a FOH fader scene and a streaming mix fader scene. It loads the appropriate set of fader layouts, but doesn’t change ANYTHING else.

    If you can put that type of filter on the scene that is loaded during the “Sel mix PAFL scene”, that may accomplish what you want to do.

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    As Brian said. Create a fader setup for mixing and every monitor mix as a separate scene. For all those scenes block everything in recall filters except strip layout. Recall the scenes with a softkeys, done…

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    Thank you !

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