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    Just trying to get head round what is best way to setup for a small tour later in the year. List of gear I have access too;

    dLive c3500
    CMD64 c/w Dante Card

    I also have access to 2 M-Dante cards

    To keep it small, would consider going with SQ5 at Mons, with GX4816 stagebox and the SQ7 at FOH. How would this be setup? And could this also work with dLive at FOH with CMD64 and SQ5 at Mons? As I said above ive access to 2x M-Dante Cards, but I do not think they will fit the SQ range?

    Is it as simple as buying an SQLink card and putting it into the SQ5 at stage and running cat5 to FOH out of the SQ5 expansion slot SQLink? How does that work for output patching? As in FOH need 2 outputs of stagebox and Mons console use other outputs of the rack. Is that possible?


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Mattatooi,

    Connecting SQ to SQ doesn’t require any extra hardware, so it is just a CAT5e cable connecting the two. If you then want to add stage boxes to this setup, you will need an extra SLink port for the IO, so the SLink option card will be needed. In terms of patching this setup, assuming the SLink card and IO is with the monitor console, you could patch the Mix Outs of the FOH console to the SLink of the monitor console, then the monitor console can patch the incoming mix signals directly to the stage box output sockets using the tie lines.

    Connecting SQ to dLive requires a gigaACE option card in the dLive to connect to the SQ’s SLink port, or a different protocol card, such as Dante or Waves, in both consoles. The dLive cards are not supported on SQ, so you would need an SQ Dante card for this.


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    I’ve been running a similar setup for the past few months (and still am) while touring with an 8 piece band.
    SQ5 with Slink optional card installed on monitor duties (yours truly)
    3x DX168 + DX Hub
    SQ6 at FOH

    We run one single Cat5 from SQ5 SLink I/O port to FOH.
    All patching is done thru tie lines.

    All mixes outputs come from me (all in-ears). FOH outputs (L-R, Subs, Front fill) are duplicated at FOH SQ6 (local analog outputs) and one of our DX168. That way we can patch into the PA wherever is easier.

    It all worked flawlessly until a couple of days when my SQ5’s touchscreen gave up.

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    I understand the logic of tie line patching but find it unclear exactly how this is achieved in the console setup. May make more sense when actually hands-on but any illustration to help me understand would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Mkc,

    Attached is a generic example of how one could set this up. I’ve used two SQ6 consoles and a GX4816 in this scenario, but of course, any SQ and any stage box can be connected in this way and any SLink port can be used for any connection – this is just an example.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


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