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    I was reading section 4.1 of the manual and noticed that it said

    “Mono Line Input – Balanced 1⁄4” TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) jack input for plugging in line level signals such as multitrack players and radio mic receivers. To work with unbalanced sources use a mono jack or link ring to sleeve within the TRS stereo jack.

    I find this wording to be confusing. Where are the mono jacks? Does the manual mean the ST1 or ST2 inputs? If so, which of the 32 channels do these override?

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    Since I am using an unbalanced line TS cable, I am assuming that I cannot not plug into one of the regular 32 quarter-inch input jacks.

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    Get a direct box that will convert the instrument level of the guitar/bass into balanced mic level and use xlr cable to mic input on the board.

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    What they mean is to connect the ring and the sleeve internally on an otherwise TRS plug thereby tying the negative to ground.

    Some folks just plug a mono plug ie guitar plug direct into a channel 1/4″

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    Mike C

    Is this for live use or recording?
    If it’s live as in on stage use a DI box with a mic line back to the

    If it’s a recording set up and your setting at the mixer as you play and
    record you could plug directly into a 1/4 input with a standard guitar cord.
    If your guitars have active pre-amps in them would work best in that setup, if
    they are fully passive pick up guitars (no batteries) your better off going
    through a DI box and then into the boards mic inputs.

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    Thanks for the tips! Yes, I’ll be using a passive pick-up guitar for recording. I just bought this Active DI Box. I hope that’ll do the trick.

    What I plan on doing is connecting the guitar/effects pedals into the DI Box via instrument cable, and then applying phantom power.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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