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    Hey i am searching Templates for Ilive R72 , T80 and T112 – with IDR 32 that can do some expansion of the limited Fader and Gain Trim knobs for the Surfaces.

    I want to install a PC Laptop with an Maudio FAsttrackpro wich gives us MIDI and an BFC and BRC beside the R72.

    The PC will Run the Ilive Konsole Software and perhaps i remote it with an Android Tablett – but i want to have Knobs

    BRC schould have four Pages

    Gain, Trim, Fader of Channels , Mutes, PFL , for 32 upto 64 inputs.

    because i want to split the inputs 1-32 and use 33-64 as Monitorsplit in the IDR32 for inears to give the musicans an komplett diffrent mix on the wedges and inear.

    BFC should have four Pages for groups and the Monitor sends like VCA DCA Faders
    also they should do some Mute , PFL
    Perhaps a second BFC for Matrix and Effects

    I dont want this fancy i can do all were ever i want – i want a kind of analog fixed layout and go and live with it.

    lets say an XL4 layout with inputs and outputs and a auxsection.

    I dont belive in this lets say i want to make it as unlogical as possible and swap input and output channels and what ever iss possible.

    Well can anyone help me with this.

    A&H has this attetüde we dont support other Brands what is stupid becuase i am sure i am not the first asking for this feature.

    bechasue the BRC and BFC is affortable and a good product for the price.

    Secend Midi thing will be a more geekey thing

    Behringer MIDI Footboard controller to TAP dellays and have the Master volumen on foot.

    I it helps the FBC1010 could be pimp with this EPROM thats for the Kemper profiling amp but iff it helps i build it in.


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