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    I’m helping the church sound guys with multi track recording. I am the comfortable with the COMPUTER side of the recording. I have the Dante network established, we have the Dante Controller running and have successfully mapped “tx” channels from the GLD to “rx” channels on the PC. And I can successfully record all 24 tracks.

    Now I want to play back THROUGH The GLD and I do not know exactly how to configure the Mixer.

    I have the Dante Controller subscriptions setup and I can see that I am transmitting a master L\R signal *TO* the “Rx” Channels 1/2 of the GLD device in the Dante Software.
    What I don’t know is how to tell the actual mixer to “attach” a strip to the Dante Rx Channels as its input.

    I thought it would be an obvious choice, but I don’t have any experience with the I/O routing on the GLD console/software.

    Clearly the guys that handled the main board setup know how to map the physical mic inputs to the mixer channels.
    I just need to know how to map the “vitrual” ones from the Dante software instead?


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    You don’t actually want to patch the Dante signal to a strip, you want to patch it to an input channel. Input channels (and mix outputs, and anything else) can be moved to any strip on any layer with the strip assign tab in setup > control.

    For individual channels, open the preamp tab and change “input socket” to “I/O port in” in the source select area. To do it in bulk, open the “I/O port in” tab in the I/O menu select the first box, change the drop down at the bottom to “input” (meaning send this signal source from outside to this place inside), set “start” to 1 and “end” to 48R.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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