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    I’ve noticed that I cannot have a stereo master followed by dual mono LR matrices because the send from the master to the matrices doesn’t have a balance control. Nor is there a separate send from the left or right channel.
    I know there are workarounds to this but workarounds…. work around a problem.
    Is there a chance to solve the problem?

    I propose you add a balance control on sends from a stereo source, whether the receiving bus is mono or stereo.
    Or actually, I’d probably prefer a separate send for left and right, in stead of a level and balance control.
    Hell, you could make it a preference. 🙂 Horses for courses and all.

    Thanks for considering this.

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    a balance control will not do the trick… that’s not what will help you in any way, it will balance between left and right and will not work on mono destinations.

    make your main bus available as single faders for each part would be the solution… as already mentioned
    then you have access to every part of the bus… left, right and center

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    Thanks for chiming in Steffen.

    I’m afraid you’re going to have to explain to me why a balance control on the send would not do the trick for me. It seems to me like it would.

    Here’s my logic:
    I’m assuming a send from a stereo source to a mono bus simply gets summed.
    If my send from stereo master to mono matrix ‘L’ has a balance control and I turn it all the way to the left, matrix ‘L’ should receive only the left channel of the master bus.
    If I add a second send to matrix ‘R’ and turn it fully to the right, it should only send the right channel to matrix ‘R’.

    Did you misunderstand me or are you suggesting this is not how it works?

    Regardless, my master to matrix is only an example. Don’t get caught up on it.
    That said, I doubt I’m the first person who likes a stereo bus sending to split mono matrices.
    Don’t get caught up on ‘balance control’ either. Like I said, I’d rather have different send pots for L and R.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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