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    Today before the service they played music from a pc to the Qu to LR, while showing a welcome slide.
    Music okay.
    But when it ended it was followed by loud crackling noise.

    It seemed to go away after a few minutes.
    Not sure what was done, but I suspect they switched the slide and that stopped the noise which followed the old slide when the music had ended.

    We had this noise before and replacing bad cables seems to have fixed it then.

    So looking for ideas to where the noise could be from now.
    I doubt it is the Qu as it was not there while the music played.
    But it started when the music ended.
    Although we had a new FOH person and he had many issues with humm, whistles, and related noises later on.
    I thought he was the new MDs producer for his CDs, but I do not know for sure. Came out of left field never seen him before.

    Anyway the clues such as they are make me suspect that win10 on the pc is the culprit.
    Any win10 experts out there care to say that is not possible. If so suggest some other cause for the noise today.

    Possibly, could not see, the guitarist might have been trying to set up with a DI box for the actual service.
    I could envision that somehow that might have been the cause of the crackling noise. The new FOH guy had that channel open and it was not muted when I asked him about the noise to try to get it stopped.

    Elsewise , I would appreciate any pointers from the pros here that could help track this down.

    What is on your short list for cause of crackling noise?

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    One more clue and another possibility.

    Once we had this with playback from an ipad.
    I thought that was fixed with new cables.

    Possibly the music from the pc had been recorded elsewhere and not edited so the noise was part of the recording.
    To be honest I have never had crackling noises on anything I recorded but have had other noises at times.
    So unsure how to record crackling noise for playback unless I crinkle a chip/crisp bag in front of a mike like doing foley sounds.

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    Well just heard from the MD.
    Another speaker blew.

    I guess when you crank the level up like a rock concert those old church speakers will fail.

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    the MD is ordering new speakers with higher wattage ratings

    I am so glad that I carry earplugs with me for such occasions.

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    regarding your noise issues…

    if the guitarist is plugging his equipment while his channel is open I would tend to name this as the issue
    on the other hand, a broken connector inside the iPad could be an issue as well

    Win10 should not do anything related to audio output if no software is sending audio
    but you can double check the system sounds profile… if it is set to “no sounds”

    OTH, depending on the sound profile, interaction with the system could produce sounds…

    the MD is ordering new speakers with higher wattage ratings

    this will not guarantee that they don’t break again… much luck!

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