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    Though all the feature suggestions on here are fantastic I’d like to see a focus on some of the basic functionality tweaks that might have been suggested at the inception of this forum but never was implemented or heard from again.

    Here are some of my personal frustrations on the platform in order of what I consider to be their importance:


    Stereo Ganging:

    AH suggests using ganging for ‘on-the-fly’ stereo channel assignments. I am sure more than 99% of gangs created on dLive are done to create stereo channels. However gangs are not really ‘stereo compatible’ or even ‘stereo focused’. By that I mean:

    There are no options to use stereo/ganged inserts (like Dyn8). You basically cannot use Dyn8 on a stereo channel unless you create an input pair. (something AH suggests is not for this type of task…and I agree.

    Also, ‘routing’ is not ‘on’ by default when creating a gang meaning you have to remember to engage this otherwise only one of the channels are routed to groups, auxes etc. This requires an additional click.

    Channels are also not panned by default when creating a stereo gang.


    I would suggest that the default landing page when pressing the ‘Ganging’ button should be a ‘stereo gangs’ page specifically for stereo ganging. A second pane could have the ganging page we have now. The next two select buttons pressed after pressing the ‘Ganging’ button will auto-create a new stereo gang with routing enabled and channels hard panned. (This is kind of similar to Yamaha…I know)

    No apply button, no selecting a gang pane at the top. Just creating a stereo gang.


    Copy/Paste full channels with gain and labels and aux/group routing:

    Currently you cannot Copy/Paste a complete channel. Copying a single channel requires 3 seperate Copy/Paste actions. First you copy/paste the channel settings, then the gain settings, then the channels aux/group routing. And even after this you have to manually input the label since this is not copied.

    When copying a full channel, all settings including label and routing is copied. When pressing and holding the paste button you can short press a channels select button and paste everything. However if you hold the destination channel for 1 second you will be allowed to deselect elements on the processing screen. Releasing the paste button will complete the paste. (this method would also work on Director despite the fact that the copy/paste buttons are latching.


    Recalling input channels from the library with aux/group routing:

    Add a button for recalling routing like the one for preamp. (and perhaps one for labels) It could be even more granular, but essentials are fine with me.

    Offline use of surfaces:

    Adding the ability to setup shows offline on surfaces.

    It seems like a waste that surfaces are completely useless unless a mixrack is connected.

    Add an ‘Offline’ option when booting a surface with no mixrack connected. When in this mode you could have an ‘OFFLINE’ label similar to the one for virtual soundcheck.
    If a mixrack is detected you could add a ‘Surface>Mixrack’ or ‘Mixrack>Surface’ for current settings similar to the ‘Pull>Push’ option in Director.


    Write protection of show files:

    I know that you can transfer a show file to USB, take it to a PC, write protect the show file, take it back to the console, and transfer it back. Not only is this a bit of a workaround, especially if you then need to remove the show from the console again. (copying an unprotected show file with the same name to the console allows you to then delere the show) it also doesn’t prevent renaming of the show on the console.

    A) Add option to write protect show file (obviously an existing windows function, so this implementation would be easy)
    B) When a file is write protected renaming button should be greyed out
    C) Add a pop-up that correctly indicates that a show file is write protected instead of the ‘Internal Error’/‘File can not be deleted’ that currently pops up on screen and in the logs.

    (this is more to add feature parity with other consoles on the market and might be a bit more than just basic functionality)

    Multiple per-channel pick-points for both auxes and direct-outs. The same options as you get for the ‘Global Ip Direct Out Source but for all channel sends incl. direct-out and on a per channel basis. This is something you see on consoles ranging from an X32 to a Vi7000.

    A) Allow the ‘Pre’ button to cycle the options.
    B) Add drop-down menu on all busses on the Routing page
    C) Add drop-down menu in the ‘Ip Direct Out’ section of the ‘Routing’page.

    I am aware that this requires a lot more programming resources than the other suggestions combined, and might not even be possible on the platform. (unless the underlying structure is already there and the reduction on granularity is just a choice…)

    I am sorry about the long post, but I suppose I am just frustrated that certain features are added when things I consider to be basic essentials are not addressed.

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    Great list. A few items I would like to add to basic functionality of the console:

    1b. Add in gang window a choice to gang Dyn8 insert on A or B

    4b. Scene preview

    5b. Showfile and scene data (create date, last modified date, last recalled)

    7. Routing window for Insert points for inputs and outputs.

    7b. Inserts retain patch number even when card slot is changed

    7c. Insert returns are not linked (similar to sends)

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    One thing I want to add, that prevents me from using ganging, is the inability to gang gain.

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    Mathias Thunbo

    Would love to see an I/O option, like the DX012, but with inputs. Basically AR84 for dLive.

    In my case, touring with a production, we have a keyboard-rack-station with 8 inputs. We also have a Backtrack-rack with 8 XLR inputs. Percussion setup with 8 inputs.. Our solution have been really long and heavy 8-pair snake cables, which could be replaced with just a cat cable.

    I Already have a DX168, but it eats up 4 rack units, which is just to big when you just need 6-8 inputs.

    So just to recap; Would love to see a small 1u rack-mountable box with 8 inputs.

    Have a great summer everyone.

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    I am still missing a possibility to save Dyn8 in channel templates.

    However, I do not want to have routing settings in channel templates.
    If something like this is planned, I would like to have a selection option when recalling.

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    This is possible on Avantis, am I missing something on DLive?

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