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    Am I just missing it somewhere but is there no way to send Aviom mix from GLD pre EQ? I am hearing all the mix engineers EQ sweeps every time he changes it. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    You have a number of options…
    When you assign the channel in the I/O Monitor tab, you can choose where you want to take the output from. Of particular interest here are

    Input Direct Out
    Input Socket
    Mono (or Stereo) Aux

    Direct out allows you to select any takeoff point you like (press select on any channel strip, choose the routing tab, and look at the Dir OUT SRC popup tab at the bottom. This will offer you Post..
    Ins Ret

    BUT remember this is a GLOBAL setting. i.e. ALL direct outs have the SAME takeoff point.

    Input Socket is equivalent to post preamp, but this allows you to have some aviom feeds effectively post preamp, and then set the global direct out to something else (say post EQ) and use that for other Aviom feeds, but if you are using direct out for some other purpose, like a per channel recording feed, remember that you may have a conflict.

    The other more flexible alternative, if you have the luxury of AUX busses to spare, is to assign the Aviom feed to an AUX bus. Then you can assign one (or more) channels to the Aux bus as required, but critically the takeoff point when assigning to an AUX is per AUX, as opposed to global for direct outs. So you can, if you desire, have different AUXs with different takeoff points.

    Hope this helps.

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    There is. Press the grey I/O button to the right of the screen and choose the “monitor” tab. The boxes there show you which signals from the GLD are being sent to which channel of the personal monitor system, and you can change them by clicking on a box and opening the drop-down menu near the bottom of the screen. If you set these to “input sockets” you’ll get the signal straight off the A to D converter at the preamp with no processing whatsoever, but of course you’ll still hear any changes made to the preamp gain. If this option is set to “input direct out” then you need to go to a different menu to define the source of the input direct outs.

    Select a channel, press the grey “processing” button to the right of the screen and choose the “routing” tab, then “direct out” below that. There’s a small pull-up menu at the bottom labelled “direct out src”. This is a global setting for all input direct outs, changing it on one channel changes it on all of them.

    Your best option is probably to use “input direct out”, set “direct out src” to “post HPF” and turn on “follow mute”.


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    Thank you so Much this was extremely helpful !

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